Louise Støjberg

Louise is the lead vocalist in Zenobia. Her deep love and respect for the stories, the pictures depicted and the language of historical Danish folk melodies reverberates in her beautiful voice. In addition to vocals, Louise plays guitar in Zenobia, and from time to time she even brings forth her trombone if a polka should sneak into the set.

Louise is also a singing teacher at the Southern Danish Music Conservatory in Esbjerg and also teaches continuing education courses at the conservatory MGK in Kolding.

Beyond Zenobia, Louise writes and performs with the quartet ‘Støjberg’, the duo-constellation with Martin Rauff, and with Peter Uhrbrand and a group of fellows in the rock-caravan Uhrban Stöjband.

An overview of Louise’s projects and publications can be found at her own home page: www.louisestøjberg.dk