Zenobia has played at many different venues – churches, cultural houses, music halls, folk schools, festivals:
Alsion, The Danish Institute in Athens, Jenle, Musikhus Dexter, Månen in Haderslev, Nordkraft, Tønder Kulturhus, Viborg musiksal, Strib vinterfestival, Renbæk Statsfængsel (for H.M. The Queen), Odense Koncerthus, Musikhuset Aarhus, Horsens Ny Teater, Skagen Festival, Tunø Festival, Odense Domkirke, Sommersang i Mariehaven, Nordens Hus in Tórshavn, Katuaq in Nuuk, Folk Baltica, DK4s live concerts, Blomsterfestival in Odense, Vor Frue Kirke in Århus, Læsø Kirke, Hagge’s Musik Pub in Tønder, Vartov, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen…

Zenobia – Danish folksongs and Zenobias new songs

The most often performed Zenobia concert consists of well known seasonal songs and popular hits of the Danish song tradition. In addition the trio normally presents a few of their own compositions to well-known words, or entirely new songs. During the set the trio also plays a few instrumentals, be they traditionals or new compositions in the tradition by Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk. The option to have group-singing in the programme is always open if songbooks, hymn books or sheets are available at the venue.

Music for Church Services

Zenobia will play prelude and postlude music during Holy Communion. In addition Zenobia can play musical pieces during the church service itself. Hymns can be accompanied by the local organist or by Zenobia. In advance to the church service Zenobia will work with the church priest to choose hymns that match the particular service’s message and Zenobia’s folk style tones.

Winter and Christmas concerts

This is a concert mainly played in the dark months of Scandinavian winter; and around Christmas the repertoire centres particularly on the hymns and songs of the season. Zenobia also presents their own compositions and a few instrumentals at these shows.


Zenobia has played multiple festivals as part of the programme, as well as church concerts and morning sing-alongs in relation to festivals. The church concerts are regular Zenobia concerts with hymns, some folk songs and narration between compositions. Morning-events with communal singing most often include non-hymnal compositions as well; traditional songs from the Danish folk highschool songbook.

Unique ideas?

Zenobia is always open to exploring experiments in concert formats; new venues and concert-forms are most welcome, so feel free to contact the trio with any inquiries and ideas for events, you might have.

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