About Zenobia

The trio Zenobia has been a staple of the Danish music scene for many years, captivating audiences with enchanting and atmospheric interpretations of the Danish song treasury. Despite a traditional musical foundation with Danish ballads and hymns, the women make the music their own by contributing to the tradition with their own songs and compositions, as well as new interpretations of well-known songs. 


Fifth Album on the Way

In late summer 2024, Zenobia will release their fifth album: Årsværk. The album is a musical journey through the year. The group’s first four albums are: the Danish Music Award-nominated CD ‘Midnat’ (2008), ‘I vintermørkets hal’ (2010), ‘Fra Fynske Kyster – Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen’ (2013), and the anniversary album ‘Blot en ild’ (2017). The latter is a presentation of Zenobia’s own melodies to both well-known and new texts, as well as Mette Kathrine’s instrumental folk music compositions. In 2013, Zenobia was nominated for the ‘Tradition Award of the Year’ at the Danish Music Awards Folk.


Zenobia Songbook

In celebration of Zenobia’s 10th anniversary in 2017, the trio published ‘Zenobia Sangbogen’ with sheet music for 20 new songs with melodies by Zenobia. The texts include classic lyrics set to new melodies, as well as newly written verses by Benny Holst and Zenobia’s regular lyricist, Martin Rauff-Nielsen, featured on the album. Erik Sommer arranged the music for choir. The songbook thus includes sheet music with melody, chords, and lyrics, as well as a whole range of new 3- or 4-part arrangements for choir.

It is the constant presence of something whimsical and mischievous combined with a profound seriousness that makes Zenobia’s music straightforward and all-encompassing.

Lene Kryger
Cultural Editor – Fyens Stiftstidende & Fyns Amts Avis

Solid craftsmanship and sublime musicality.

Erik Sommer
Composer and Former Folk High School Principal

Zenobia performs fantastic concerts, here with us at Musik Galleriet and in Mariehaven in Ansager, and many other places around the country. The three women are amazing on CD with their wonderful mix of ballads, folk, fiddle tunes, and traditional Danish songs… but they are even better live. Experience it yourself!

Helge Engelbrecht
Singer and Composer

Large Parts of the Nordics

Since 2007, Zenobia has toured in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Germany, achieving an international profile that has reinforced the band’s commitment to preserving the Danish song tradition. Zenobia has played a multitude of concerts, filling churches, cultural centers, folk high schools, community halls, venues, and festivals. School concerts and singing evenings are also part of the trio’s musical repertoire.


Egtved in Jutland

The three musicians were born in the area around Egtved in Jutland. They have known each other since childhood and grew up with the Danish ballad tradition. Louise and Charlotte are sisters and have been playing together for as long as they can remember. They always sang in school, at scouts, and at family gatherings, while Mette Kathrine learned folk songs and high school songs from her mother while waiting for the school bus. Their upbringing, travels, and education have given them a professional musical foundation, driven by an exploratory desire to renew, create, and interpret the Danish song tradition.