Mette Kathrine

Mette Kathrine is Zenobia’s accordion player and folk music messenger. Through her own compositions she brings new melodies to Zenobia’s repertoire of music. 

Her love of folk music fostered by her mother led her to study the history and evolution of folk music at the Carl Nielsen Academy. Though finished at Carl Nielsen Academy her study of music traditions continues while plying a living playing and composing the music she loves which is largely influenced by Danish historical folk music.

Today Mette Kathrine is a freelance musician, lecturer and in 2016 was named a ‘rigsspillemand’ (national folk musician). She has played for dances, concerts and toured at folk music festivals around the world.

She has several awards to add to her resume. In 2006 she received a Danish Music Award for her publication with the duo Kvasir, in 2013 a Danish Music Award to honor her work with traditional music and in 2016 she was nominated for a YAM award for world’s best children’s concert.

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